October 31st-November 7th

Everyday Arrays Project
For this project you will look for examples of arrays in the real world.
Definition of array: An arrangement of objects, organized in rows and columns.

  • Search for 5 or more arrays in your home, neighborhood or supermarket.
  • Record each array with a visual image (drawing or photograph)
  • Explain where you saw your array.
  • Describe how many rows, how many objects in each row and the total number of objects in each array you find.
  • Write a number model and number story for each array.
  • Think of a creative way to present your project. You can make a poster, a book, use technology (google slides), or come up with your own ideas!

Here is an example of ONE ARRAY you may find! This example includes all the elements expected for students to show for their own array examples!

Interview Example:

Homework 10/17-10/21

Reading Log

Students brought home a reading log to keep track of nightly reading for the week of 10/3-10/6. We will be learning about Biblionasium in our Library/Technology class this week, so more information will be coming home about that to start a digital reading log the week of October 11th! With testing this week, reading will be the only expectation for homework!

Just Right Book Share

Students should select a Just Right Book from home, the classroom or the library. This can be a book they have already read, or a book they are interested in reading! Students have signed up for a share next week between Tuesday (9/27) and Friday (9/30)! Students should be prepared to share the author/illustrator, why the book interested them, some information about the book either from the summary or what they have read, and why/why not they would recommend their book to a friend. Students should BRING IN their book on their day to share! See links below for family letter and share preparation sheet.

Math Facts

This year in 3rd grade, we will work on solidifying fluency with all 4 arithmetic operations! Students watched a video today to see how the process can seem more manageable! This is work that will continue over the course of 3rd grade, but the video below is worth a watch to start working on those math facts! More links to follow for independent practice at home!

First Day Homework!

This first week is all about getting to know each other!  We will be talking to all of our peers, and getting to know likes and dislikes, favorite things, and experiences we have had.  For your homework tonight, please bring in a Summer “Souvenir” that shows something fun or interesting you did this summer!  This can be a picture, an artifact, a postcard,, a map, a drawing, or anything else that shows about an adventure you had over the summer!  This item should fit comfortably in students’ backpacks! Students will share about their “souvenirs” during Morning Meeting throughout the week!

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