Classroom Happenings

Learn Zillion

Today, students watched a Learn Zillion video all about arrays!  After watching the video, they completed this page to show their learning!

Just Right Book Share

WOW!  Kids were SO prepared for their Just Right Book Shares last week!  They completely blew me away with the information they were able to provide and their clear, organized speaking skills.  One more collage to come!

Skip Counting

We are practicing skip counting by different numbers to help with learning our multiplication facts!  Students have loved counting by 3's with this teacher's video:

Classroom Routines

Students have worked so hard to learn the routines and expectations in 3rd grade.  Students designed 5 classroom rules based on what they thought was easy to remember and most important for successful learning!  Those rules are:

Be caring toward everyone
 Stay focused and follow directions
 Listen to the speaker
Use classroom tools appropriately
Be safe

We have also been working on introducing the different elements of our reading and math workshops!  Our reading workshop is called DAILY 5.  The activities each day are: Read to Self, Read to Someone, Word Work, Work on Writing and Listen to Reading. So far, we have learned about choosing Just Right books based on interest, purpose and finding a book that students can decode and understand with little struggle. Our math workshop is called MATH Daily 4.  The activities each day are:  Math with Teacher, At Your Seat, Technology, and Hands On.  Students have begun work with Multiplication and they are SO excited about it!  We have also delved into our social studies curriculum, learning about communities and the Constitution!  

Learning to Work with Partners: Math Games

Guided Discovery: Reading

So nice to see students selecting favorite picture books!  Showing how they handle and care for books was awesome... just a little more training and they will be ready to go on their own very soon!  

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